Barbering Mannequin Bundle

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The Barbering Mannequin Bundle is the ideal mannequin set to support your training. Comprised of three of our most popular male mannequins, plus the versatile Erika, you will have all you need to complete your cutting units for the Certificate III in Barbering. All mannequins feature 100% human hair.


Cole’s hair is hand implanted with the lowest possible implantation angle. This means that you can achieve realistic close fades and natural scissor and clipper over comb.

Samuel (bearded)

Samuel’s longer lengths give you lots of room to practice multiple haircuts, and his full beard allows you to complete all of the workshop exercises for the Maintain Beards and Moustaches unit.


Cameron’s textured hair is ideal for creating flat tops and strong geometric shapes. Cameron is our preferred mannequin for the unit Create Haircuts using Freehand Clipper Techniques, and his texture allows you to build confidence working with all hair types.


Erika is our most popular and versatile mannequin. Her longer lengths allow you to complete all the workshop exercises for the core Solid Form, Graduated and Layered haircutting units.

All mannequins are hand sewn to replicate natural hair growth and density patterns, providing the most realistic experience possible. All hair is ethically sourced and manufactured and independently SA8000 certified.

The Barbering Mannequin Bundle is excellent value, providing the hair goods you need to complete your Certificate III training at a reduced cost.



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