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About Pivot Point

Pivot Point is the world's most widely used and respected hairdressing educational system. For 50 years Pivot Point has explained the how's and why's of hair design have been explained to hairdressers as concepts akin to those in all design fields and even architecture.

Pivot Point's system works because it is not reliant on any one person, it creates consistency in educational delivery that produces better hairdressers and 'Predictable Outcomes'.

Pivot Point's concepts use the principles and elements of design to explain how any why hair designs work. It explains how to create and recreate with accuracy and consistency. There is no guessing, no tiral and error when a Pivot Point trained hair stylist begins their hair design they know the outcome. At Pivot Point we call this Predictable Outcomes.

Our methods are engaging. Our techniques are one-of-a-kind. Our stories are inspirational. With a global network of millions of designers, Pivot Point offers:

• Education in 13 languages in more than 80 countries

• 50 years of experience educating hair designers

• Advanced education to support a lifetime of learning

Wherever you go, whatever you want to do, a Pivot Point education opens many doors and follows you throughout your career.

Leo Passage
Founder, Pivot Point International, Inc. 1936-2011

The life of Leo Passage is the stuff that makes for great movies and books. He came to America from the Netherlands with his young wife of one week and created a network of hairdressing education that nearly 50 years later spans the globe in 80 countries.