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What is LAB?

Pivot Point’s LAB (Learn About Beauty) is a ground-breaking integrated social learning environment, built specifically for learners and educators in the hairdressing and barbering industry.

Pivot Point’s LAB includes:

  • Access to over 50 videos and step-by-step guides that allow educators to standardise procedures within their organisations
  • 18 ebooks for students to download and keep
  • Assessment materials and Assessor Marking Guides for each unit of competency
  • Educator support material, including editable lesson plans
  • Performance guides which allow students to track their own progress
  • Full reporting functionality – monitor student engagement, progress and completion

Developed on the latest version of Moodle, Pivot Point LAB is fully compatible with all major learning management systems.

A flexible learning experience

  • Available 24/7 on Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones. It can be accessed on any device with internet capabilities.
  • Can be used as a tool to encourage pre-class learning, allowing learners to attend lessons able to contribute to rich group discussions
  • Supports workplace and off-campus learning
  • Supports the development of learners’ ICT skills

LAB support classroom delivery with a rich suite of resources for educators to use. 24/7 accessibility means students can complete reading material, or preview videos prior to coming to class, and class time can be maximised with a focus on practical, hands-on skills. Students received immediate feedback and can always see their course progress. This increases motivation and results in improved student engagement and retention.


LAB supports remote delivery and distance education with it’s easy to follow format. Students can work through sequential lessons independently, with all content at their fingertips. LABs communication functions streamline questions and discussions with educators, and instant feedback on quizzes and learning connections give students progress LABs advanced reporting functionality make it easy to monitor student progress and engagement and to provide additional support as required.


LAB is the ideal platform for blended delivery. Students are fully resourced to work independently when necessary, and then continue that work seamlessly in a classroom environment where the emphasis is on practical skill development, working with clients and in teams. LAB flexibility allows schools to adapt content to meet the needs of learners, in any environment.

Reporting and insights


See completions, submissions and outstanding tasks for an entire class in one page. Student’s personalised completion bar provides a real time visual record of their progress in each course.


Individual or class learning paths allow educators and students to track learning through a group of units, or an entire qualification.


Designed for remote learners, the time tracking report allows educators and administrators to view student time engaged with LAB, and to act quickly if engagement declines.


Easy downloadable report verifying completion of assessment tasks.

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