Bi-Colour Mannequin

Structure: Uniform
Length: 20cm
Hair: 100% human hair
Colour: Medium Dark, Ultra Light

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Designed specifically for colour training, the bi-colour mannequin is ideal for highlights, lowlights, balayage and creative colouring. Featuring two distinct ultra-light and medium-dark zones, you can practice lightening, toning and depositing colour on the one mannequin, and dedicate your attention to specific challenges that replicate real life scenarios with side-by-side comparison.

Form: Uniform
Length: 20cm
Hair: 100% Indian hair
Colour: Medium Dark, Ultra Light

All hair is hand sewn, ensuring your mannequin replicates natural growth and density patterns and provides the most realistic experience possible. With 100% human hair you can apply colour as you would in the salon, and cut and style to create the perfect finish.

Like all Pivot Point mannequins, our bi-colour mannequin is SA8000 certified which is your guarantee that the hair you are using is ethically sourced and your mannequin head is ethically manufactured. We will not use forced or child labour, and we ensure all our artisans are paid appropriately and enjoy work environments where their safety, rights and dignity are respected and upheld. To learn more about how your mannequin is made, visit

The bi-colour mannequin is perfect for colour training, in-salon training, creative colouring and for refining your colour theory and practice.


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