Charlotte Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair

Education Mannequin

41 – 25 cm

Human Medium Dark Hair

Medium Head

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The Charlotte mannequin head features 100% human hair that can be used for sculpting, colouring and perming techniques as well as some for some long hair up-styles. Her medium dark hair is highly versatile and suited to both lightening and depositing colour. Charlotte’s hair density and additional length allow you to perform a wide range of techniques and styles.

Our Charlotte mannequin head is hand sewn to replicate natural growth and density patterns, providing the most realistic experience possible.

Like all Pivot Point mannequins, Charlotte is SA8000 certified which is your guarantee that the hair you are using is ethically sourced and your mannequin is ethically manufactured. We do not use forced or child labour, and we ensure all our artisans are paid appropriately and enjoy work environments where their safety, rights and dignity are respected and upheld. To learn more about how your mannequin is made, visit

For a limited time, receive a copy of Salonability Cut and Colour, complete with look book and full video access via QR code with every Charlotte mannequin purchased. The collection features 10 step-by-step cut and colour workshops and is valued at $145. Gift automatically added at checkout.

Learn how to care and maintain your mannequin head here.


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